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Foshan Kingrate Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
About Us
Ultraviolet lighting manufacturer National High tech enterprise Important suppliers of European and American ultraviolet equipment accessories

Categories and Products

Spliced UV Lamp

Air Purification UV Lamp

Special Stepped Lampbase UV Lamp

4 Pins Single Ended UV Lamp

Amalgam UV Lamp

2 Pins Double Ended UV Lamp

H-Shaped UV Lamp

Self-ballasted Compact UV Lamp


Integrated Submersible UV Lamp

Semi Submersible UV Lamp

Mini Submersible UV Lamp

Split Submersible UV Lamp

Stainless Steel UV Sterlizer

PVC Pipeline UV Sterilizer

Products Keywords
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sterilizerIndustrial Uv LampsHigh Power Uv LightSubmersible Uv LampUv Lamp For ChequesUv Light For PlantsUvc Germicidal Lamp3W Ultraviolet LampHigh Output UV LampWaterproof UVc LampUltraviolet UV BulbGermicidal Uv LightUltraviolet B LightPL-L Series UV LampMini Split Uv LightUv Inspection LightGermicidal Uv LampsUltraviolet UV LampPVC UVC SterilizersGermicidal Uvc LampReplacement Uv LampLight Socket Outletreplacement uv bulbIntegrated UV Light3W UV Bulb PurifierWaterproof Uv LightUV Germicidal LightUVC Lamp With OzoneO Ring Makeup LightUv Germicidal LampsUv Fluorescent BulbGPHHA357T6L UV LampUltraviolet UVC BulbOutdoor Light GasketLight Fixture Gasket4 Pin Uv Lamp SocketSankyo Denki Uv LampUVC Germicidal BulbsUv Disinfection LampUv Phototherapy LampQuartz Glass UV TubeUV Germicidal LightsT5 Ultraviolet LampsUv Lamp Air PurifierSubmersible UVC LampProfessional Uv LampGermicidal Lamp TubeUltraviolet Sun Lamp15W Germicidal LampsUVC Ultraviolet LampQuartz Tube UVC LampSun Mini Uv Led 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BallastAquarium Water TreatmentGermicidal Uv Light BulbsAir Cleaning DisinfectionQuartz Germicidal UV LampUv Light Bulbs For HumansUv Grow Lights For PlantsUltraviolet UV Light TubeSingle Tube Uv SterilizerReplacement UV Lamp R-CanUV Lamp For Killing GermsUv Light Bulbs For PlantsUltraviolet UV SterilizerQuartz Sleeve For Uv LampBattery Operated Uv LightCleaning Uv Quartz Sleeve4 Pins Germicidal UV LampGermicidal Lamp S740RL-HOAmalgam Ultraviolet LightR-Can / Sterilight S287RL4Pins UVC Germicidal LampUltraviolet PVC SterlizerHVAC Replacement UVC LampUVC Germicidal Lamp 4 PinAmalgam Ultraviolet LampsTUV Ultraviolet UVC LightHVAC UVC Germicidal LightReplacement UV Light TubeSemi Submersible UVC LampMultitubes UVC SterilizerGermicidal UVC Lamp S436RLUVC Germicidal Lamp S436RLWater Disinfection UV LampSwimming Pool DisinfectionAquarium Disinfection LampUV Germicidal Lamp For AirH Shape Germicidal UV LampUv Light For Indoor PlantsGermicidal Quartz UVC LampAir Purifier With Uv LightPvc 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For Air ConditioningAir Cleaning And DisinfectionWater Treatment UVC SterlizerSLIM LINE Germicidal UV LampsUVC Sterilizer For Water TankUV Light For Air ConditioningExternal Lamp Holder Gasket "Ultraviolet Disinfection LampAmalgam Ultraviolet UVC LightSubmersible Uv Light For PondUVC Germicidal Lamp For PondsGermicidal UV Lamps For PondsSubmersible Uv Light AquariumUv Light For Air PurificationWaterproof UV Germicidal BulbReplacement UV Lamp S410RL-HOUVC Germicidal Lamp For WaterToc Degradation Uv SterilizerSterilight Germicidal UV LampSubmersible Ultraviolet LightHigh Power Germicidal UV LampWaterproof Germicidal UV LampWaterproof UV Germicidal LampReplacement Germicidal UV LampUV Lamp For Water PurificationElectronic Ballast For Uv LampUV Ultraviolet Lamps For PondsStainless Steel UVC SterilizerPond Treatment UVC SterilizersUvc Pvc Sterlizer For AquariumSubmersible UV Germicidal LampPVC Ultraviolet UVC SterilizerNon-Ozone Ultraviolet UV LightSubmersible Germicidal UV LampUVC Lamp Aquarium DisinfectionWaterproof Submersible UV LampWaterproof UV Ultraviolet LampHandheld Uv Light SterilizationUv Sterilizer For Swimming PoolSubmersible Uv Light SterilizerUV Germicidal Lamp For AquariumReplacement UVC Germicidal LampGermicidal UV Lamp For AquariumReplacement Germicidal UV LampsSubmersible UVC Germicidal LampStainless Steel UVc SterilizersSubmersible UV Germicidal LightReplacement UV Germicidal LightOzone Type Replacement UV Light15W Ultraviolet Germicidal LampAir Ultraviolet Germicidal BulbGermicidal UV Disinfection LampSubmersible Germicidal UV LampsUltraviolet Germicidal UV LightHigh Output Germicidal UVC LampUV Light For Water DisinfectionSterilight Replacement UV LightQuartz Glass Germicidal UV LampUvc Sterilizer For DisinfectionGermicidal UV Lamp DisinfectionGermicidal UVC Lamps For SurfaceUVC Germicidal Lamp For AquariumHigh Purity Replacement UV LightSubmersible UV Ultraviolet LampsUV Sterilizer For Cleaning WaterUV Sterilizes For Cleaning WaterUltraviolet Sterilizer For WaterUltraviolet Germicidal UVC LightPool Disinfection UVC SterilizerInstant Start Electronic BallastUv Sterilizer For Drinking WaterHigh Output UV Ultraviolet LightGermicidal UV Lamp For AquariumsSubmersible Replacement UV LightProfessional Uv Inspection LightUvc Sterilizer For Swimming PoolSubmersible UVC Germicidal LampsAqua Uv Quartz Sleeve ReplacementUltraviolet UVC Light For SurfaceE27 UVC Lamp For Air DisinfectionUV Sterilizer For Water TreatmentHigh Output UVC Ultraviolet LightLong Lifetime Germicidal UVC LampDisinfection Ultraviolet UV LightPvc Sterlizer For Water TreatmentUVC Germicidal Lamps For AquariumGermguardian Uv Light ReplacementUVC Sterilizer For Drinking WaterUVC Sterlizer For Water TreatmentUltraviolet Amalgam Lamp For Water2 Pins Ultraviolet Germicidal BulbAir Disinfection Ultraviolet LightUltraviolet Light Air ConditioningMultitubes UV Sterilizer For WaterUVC Light For Aquarium DisinfectionAir Conditioning UVC Germicidal LampR-Can Replacement Germicidal UV LampAir Conditioning Germicidal UVC LampLong And Reliable Lifetime UVC LightUv Sterilizer For Water DisinfectionSLIM LINE Ultraviolet Germicidal BulbGermicidal UV Lamp For Water PurifierDouble-End 2 Pins UVC Germicidal BulbUVC Sterilizer For Water DisinfectionUVC Germicidal Lamp For Killing VirusUltraviolet Light For Water TreatmentWater Purifier With UV Spectrum LightHigh Purity Quartz UVC Germicidal LampUVC Sterilizers For Water DisinfectionStainless Steel Ultraviolet SterilizerR-Can Replacement Ultraviolet UV LightWaterproof Germicidal Lamp For AquariumUV Germicidal Lamp For Air DisinfectionR-Can Replacement Ultraviolet UVC LightDrink Water Disinfection UVC SterilizerWaterproof Submersible Ultraviolet LampGermicidal UVC Lamps For Cleaning WaterReplacement Amalgam UVC Germicidal LampReplacement Amalgam Germicidal UV LampsUV Germicidal Lamp For Room DisinfectionGermicidal UVC Lamp For Air ConditioningUVC Germicidal Lamp For Air ConditioningE27 UVC Germicidal Lamp For DisinfectionWaterproof UV Lamp For Water PurificationStainless UV Sterilizer For Swimming PoolUV Germicidal Lamp For Water PurificationMultitubes UV Sterilizer For Swimming PoolUVC Germicidal Lamp For Water PurificationUV Germicidal Light For Water PurificationAc Electronic Ballast For Fluorescent LampPvc Ultraviolet Sterilizer For Disinfection
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